Mercedes Trucks Adblue Defect Removed

All Models from 2014 to 2020 (Excluding MP5)

Consequences of Adblue defect: Delete Adblue Mercedes Euro 6

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AdBlue system incidents can occur on Mercedes Trucks & Bus vehicles due to various component failures within the emission control system, including the pump, injector, catalytic converter, NOx sensor, clogged particulate filter, and issues with regeneration. These faults, detected by the engine ECU, can lead to reduced torque, power, and, in some cases, even limit the maximum speed of the vehicle (to 20km/h). We provide solutions to address these faults and restore optimal performance.

Models and engines supported for AdBlue suppression on Mercedes Euro 6

  • NEW: Adblue on Mercedes Actros MP5 requires opening to unlock ECU for programming.
  • Adblue on Mercedes Actros MP4
  • Adblue on Mercedes Atego Euro 6
  • Adblue on Mercedes Arocs Euro 6
  • Adblue on Mercedes Econic Euro 6
  • Adblue on Mercedes Conecto Euro 6
  • Adblue on Mercedes Intouro Euro 6
  • Adblue on Mercedes Tourismo Euro 6
  • Adblue on Mercedes Travego Euro 6

How Adblue data works on Mercedes Trucks & Buses Euro 6

In Euro 6 trucks, machinery, and buses, there are two essential modules: the Motor Control Module (MCM) and the Aftertreatment Control Module (ACM). These modules are interconnected and communicate through a network known as the CAN network.

When a component of the emission control system monitored by the ACM encounters a fault (such as a faulty sensor, clogged catalyst, or pressure irregularity), the ACM notifies the MCM. If there’s a discrepancy between the expected and received values, the MCM generates a fault code and a message on the instrument panel. Depending on the severity of the issue, the vehicle may continue to operate normally, experience reduced torque and power, or enter a restricted mode called Limp Mode, where the maximum speed is limited to 20km/h.

ACM & MCM: Adblue removal procedure for Mercedes Euro 6 vehicles

As mentioned earlier, the vehicle is fitted with two identical-looking ACM and MCM boxes, but they should not be confused as they have different pin-outs for the PINS connectors. To make modifications, we need to read the data stored in both ECUs to extract the necessary information.

There are two methods we can use to intervene on your vehicle:

  1. Direct Memory Readout: This involves reading the data from the ACM and MCM directly.
  2. Data Emulation: This method involves emulating the data to make modifications.

Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages, outlined below.

Suppression of Mercedes Adblue system by live reading of ACM and MCM information on the vehicle

We oversee the entire emission control system, providing comprehensive solutions for SCR Adblue, FAP/DPF (particulate filter), and EGR valve management. Our interventions offer the potential for enhanced vehicle performance, including increased power and torque, along with optimized fuel consumption.

Our services are applicable to vehicles with or without hydraulic retarders. We eliminate the restrictive creep mode set at 20km/h, removing any torque and power limitations.

It’s critical to note that updating the ACM and MCM ECUs on the vehicle could nullify our modifications. Therefore, our work must not be overridden by any subsequent updates.

Our interventions necessitate on-site assistance to ensure accurate implementation. Please note that Actros MP5 models are not currently supported by our services.

Our solution involves suppressing the Mercedes Adblue system by emulating data on the CAN network. Here's what you can expect:

  • Management of SCR and DPF systems.
  • Removal of the restrictive creep mode set at 20km/h.
  • Elimination of torque and power limitations.
  • You have the option to assemble the box yourself, or we can promptly dispatch it to you.
  • The box comes pre-programmed by us, eliminating the need for intervention to clear faults.
  • Upgrading ACM or MCM boxes won’t pose any issues.
  • We offer a similar solution for Actros MP5 models.
  • Not compatible with vehicles equipped with hydraulic retarders.
  • No impact on the EGR valve.
  • Our solution isn’t designed to increase vehicle power.
  • We are available to travel anywhere in France if required. Feel free to reach out to us for assistance.