Komatsu Forest AdBlue problem

Adblue solutions for Komatsu Forest Tier 4F forwarders and harvesters

Komatsu Forest Problem: Explore Our Solutions

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Whether you operate a Komatsu Forest forwarder or harvester, encountering AdBlue defects can pose significant challenges. When issues arise with exhaust emissions aftertreatment, work interruptions occur, and a countdown begins. With only a few hours before being stranded, finding a solution becomes imperative. Fortunately, we offer solutions that permanently resolve this inconvenience. Our solutions are currently applicable to all Komatsu Forest vehicles compliant with Tier 4 emission standards, particularly Tier 4F.

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Supported engine types and ECUs

The deactivation of the AdBlue SCR system on Komatsu Forest vehicles is supported for those compliant with EPA Tier 4F standards and equipped with Bosch EDC17 engine ECUs. Specifically, the following engine types are supported: AGCO 49AWF AGCO 66AWF AGCO 74AWF. These engine types are compatible with AdBlue SCR system deactivation solutions on Komatsu Forest vehicles.

Supported models

  • Komatsu Forest 901.4 6.6L AGCO 6L 150kW/201HP EDC17CV41 harvester
  • Komatsu Forest 911 6.6L 170kW/228HP EDC17CV41 harvester
  • Komatsu Forest 931.2 7.4L 193kW/258HP EDC17CV41 harvester
  • Komatsu Forest 931XC 7.4L 170kW/228HP EDC17CV41 harvester
  • Porteur 835 4.9L 127kW/170HP EDC17CV41
  • Porteur 845 4.9L 140kW/188HP EDC17CV41
  • Porteur 855 6.6L 170kW/228HP EDC17CV41
  • Porteur 855 6.6L 170kW/228HP EDC17CV54
  • Porteur 895 7.4L 214kW/287HP EDC17CV41

Adblue Komatsu Forest: Process

The initial step involves using an Agco EEM4 diagnostic tool to read and identify the faults displayed on the dashboard. It’s essential to take note of the various events recorded, with the ultimate goal of eradicating them permanently.

Main features and functions of Adblue virtualization on Komatsu Forest

  • No need for AdBlue injection
  • AdBlue level correction and emulation
  • Defects permanently erased
  • AdBlue quality emulation
  • Nox sensor emulation
  • Removal of torque and power limits
  • Abolition of the maximum speed limit
  • Complete solution for AdBlue system virtualization on Komatsu forestry machines

Bosch EDC17CV41 or EDC17CV54 ECUs

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Engine ECU, Adblue and Power

Data is extracted from and written to the Bosch ECU through the vehicle's diagnostic connector, typically located on the engine. Our process involves integrating our customized data into the engine program, allowing the machine to function without limitations on power or torque. Additionally, the countdown timer is eliminated, and the SCR system is neutralized, ensuring uninterrupted operation.