Problem Case IH Axial Flow AF - AFX

Adblue Solutions FPT Fiat Iveco Group Tier 4 harvesters

Problem Adblue Case IH Axial Flow AF - AFX - Tier 4 Cursor FPT

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Case IH Axial-Flow® combines are engineered to revolutionize agricultural technology, designed for harvesting all types of crops with high yields and enhanced productivity. These combines are equipped with FPT Cursor engines and the SCR (Adblue) system. We offer solutions tailored for vehicles intended for markets outside of Europe or the Americas, where Adblue usage is less common. Our solution involves virtualizing the emissions aftertreatment system to neutralize it, thus preventing potential malfunctions and ensuring smooth operation of the machinery.

Agro tuning pro CASE IH

Which motorizations are supported by our solution?

Our solution supports the deactivation of the AdBlue SCR system on Case IH vehicles compliant with EPA3B/Tier 4 standards. Specifically, it applies to vehicles equipped with Bosch EDC17 engine ECUs. These vehicles predominantly feature Cursor engines manufactured by Fiat FPT (Fiat Powertrain Technologies), which have a history of use in Iveco trucks. The engine control units primarily used are BOSCH EDC17CV41.

Main Case IH Axial Flow models supported

  • AF6140 Cursor 9 8.7L – EDC17CV41
  • AFX 4130 5130 5140 FPT 6.7L – EDC17CV41
  • AFX 6130 6140 7130 7140 FPT 8.7L – EDC17CV41
  • AFX 7240 7250 11.1L Cursor 11 – EDC17CV41
  • AFX 8240 8250 12.9L Cursor 13 – EDC17CV41
  • AFX 9240 9250 15.6L Cursor 16 – EDC17CV41
  • AF / 6150 8.7L 6L 260kW/349HP MD1CE101
  • AF / 7150 8.7L 6L 335kW/453HP MD1CE101
  • AF / 7250 11.1L 6L 300kW/402HP MD1CE101
  • AF / 8250 12.9L 6L 358kW/480HP MD1CE101
  • AF / 9250 15.9L 6L 410kW/550HP MD1CE101
  • Machines equipped with the new Cursor engines and BOSCH MD1CE101 ECUs are also feasible! They meet Tier 5 standards

Problem Adblue Case IH : Default removal process

We start by retrieving data from the ECU memory and identifying any fault codes present. Subsequently, we access the complete engine management program to gather all engineering variables specified in the Bosch EDC17/MD1 unit. After this step, we develop and integrate our customized engine management program to simulate exhaust aftertreatment data. This process encompasses the primary features and functions of virtualization designed to address Adblue issues in Case IH AF/AFX models.

  • No need for AdBlue injection
  • AdBlue level correction and emulation
  • Defects permanently erased
  • AdBlue quality emulation
  • Nox sensor emulation
  • Removal of torque and power limits
  • Abolition of the maximum speed limit
  • Complete solution for AdBlue system virtualization on Case IH machines

The Bosch EDC17CV41 ECU: Eliminating faults and increasing engine power

Engine ECU, Adblue and Power

The Bosch EDC17 engine management ECU holds crucial data pertaining to the overall operation of the engine and its emission treatment system. This data encompasses various variables such as injection timing, torque limiters, ignition timing parameters, fuel injection parameters (including rail pressure), and more. Our team of engine specialists possesses extensive knowledge of these management systems and the specific engine tolerances designated for each machine. This expertise allows us to optimize engine performance while ensuring reliability is upheld.

Case emission errors

Agro tuning pro CASE IH

Most of the faults encountered with the Adblue system

Most of the issues found in Case IH harvesters pertain to the Adblue system. Main components such as the pump, injector, SCR catalytic converter, and its accompanying NOx sensor are typically involved. Each fault is associated with a unique code, allowing for precise identification and alignment with previously extracted engine management parameters.