Diagnosing issues and removing AdBlue from DAF Euro 6 vehicles.

Supporting multiple DAF models through emulation with a virtualization box or data reprogramming.

Providing AdBlue solutions for a wide range of DAF Euro 6 vehicles.

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Numerous models are impacted by AdBlue system malfunctions. Our solutions encompass CF and XF models.

We're equipped to handle a diverse array of DAF models, encompassing, but not limited to:

We’re adept at servicing a wide range of DAF models, including:

  • PACCAR MX 13 Euro 6 engines in versions 410, 460, and 510
  • PACCAR MX 11 Euro 6 engines in versions 270, 290, 330, 370, and 440
  • Our expertise covers all PACCAR MX11 & 13 engines manufactured from 2014 to 01.2017.

Additionally, we’re in the process of developing solutions for the latest Euro 6 models such as the XF480 or XF530, which will be accessible via the manufacturer’s software. These solutions are anticipated to be available in 2021.

We offer two types of solutions for removing AdBlue data on DAF Euro 6 vehicles:

  1. Adding an emulator to virtualize the AdBlue system.
  2. Reprogramming the engine ECU directly where possible.

Our solutions are compatible with Delphi ETC3 ECUs.

The problematic part related to AdBlue in DAF PACCAR CF and XF models.

Engines impacted by AdBlue malfunctions on DAF Euro 6 trucks. Our emulators virtualize the following components:

  • Pump
  • Nox sensor
  • Catalyst
  • Temperature sensor
  • AdBLue injector
  • AdBlue tank level

DELPHI ECU ETC (Electronic Truck Control)

For vehicles equipped with ETC3 and ETC7 ECUs, we offer solutions through data emulation on the Delphi ECU Can Bus network. This allows us to effectively manage and control the engine's operation, including AdBlue injection and other critical functions, by virtually replicating the necessary data signals within the ECU system.