Remove Adblue on JCB - Ecomax and other engines

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Adblue Removal on JCB: Agco Power, Ecomax, Cummins Engines

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Supported machines Tier IIIB, Tier 4F and some Tier V

Supported machines include those compliant with Tier IIIB, Tier 4F, and some Tier V emission standards. This encompasses various equipment types equipped with an anti-pollution system (SCR, DPF, EGR) for exhaust gas after-treatment. Compatible machines range from Fastrac farm tractors to Compact Tracked Loaders, Skid-steer loaders, Wheel Loaders, Backhoe Loaders, Industrial Forklifts, Rough Terrain Forklifts, Telescopic Handlers, Dumpers, Dumpsters, Generators, Compaction equipment, Mini Excavators, ACCESS Excavators, Crawler Excavators, Pneumatic Excavators, TELESCOPIC Excavators, Articulated TELESCOPIC Excavators, and TELESCOPIC Industry Solutions.

Remove SCR, DPF, and EGR System on JCB with Agco Power Engines

The removal of SCR, DPF, and EGR systems on JCB vehicles, predominantly powered by Agco Power engines such as the 66 AWF, 74 AWF, and 84 AWF engines, involves comprehensive reprogramming of the Bosch ECUs, primarily EDC17 types or MD1 for Stage V versions. Here’s what our service offers:

  • Elimination of AdBlue consumption (DEF)
  • Option to empty or remove the particulate filter if present
  • Closure of the EGR valve to prevent gas flow back to the intake
  • Removal of AdBlue warning light from the dashboard
  • Deactivation of limp mode, preventing torque reduction
  • Possibility to disconnect Adblue system components
  • Usually conducted via the manufacturer’s diagnostic socket
  • Enhanced machine performance optionally available, with increased torque and engine power
  • Compliance with standards and tolerances to maintain reliability

Remove AdBlue on JCB with Ecomax Engine

For JCB vehicles with Ecomax engines, typically smaller-displacement than Agco Power engines, and featuring an exhaust gas after-treatment system including EGR valve, SCR (AdBlue) system, and DPF or DOC, our service includes:

  • Removal of AdBlue function on machines with Ecomax 4.4L or 4.8L engines
  • Deactivation of EGR valve operation
  • Elimination of the need for particulate filter regeneration
  • Deactivation of limp mode, preventing power restriction or degraded mode
  • Reprogramming of Delphi engine control units (Ref DCM 3.3 or 3.3+) usually via the manufacturer’s diagnostic socket
  • Optional enhancement of machine performance with increased torque and engine power
  • Compliance with standards and tolerances to maintain reliability

EGR and AdBlue Suppression on JCB : Cummins engines

For JCB vehicles equipped with Cummins engines, which may have different gas post-treatment systems, primarily featuring the EGR valve and sometimes the SCR system depending on applicable standards, our service offers:

  • Omission of EGR valve, potential power increase, and removal of other emission control peripherals upon confirmation of the vehicle’s engine plate
  • Reprogramming of Cummins CM850 or CM2350 ECUs to achieve desired modifications

Summary of Supported Vehicles and Engine Types for AdBlue Suppression on JCBs:

    1. New-generation JCB models:

      • Models: 407 – 409
      • Engine: 2.5L, 48kW & 55kW
      • ECU: New-generation Denso ECU
    2. Agco Power Motors:

      • Supported across various JCB models
    3. JCB Ecomax Engines:

      • Supported across various JCB models
    4. Cummins Engines:

      • Supported across various JCB models
    5. Isuzu Engines:

      • Available on special request
      • Example: JS360 model

These engine types and models are compatible with Adblue suppression services for JCB vehicles.