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AdBlue solutions for all Claas farm machinery with FPT engines

Issue with Claas FPT Engine - Explanation

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Tractors and agricultural machinery featuring FPT Tier 4 engines come equipped with an AdBlue system, and in certain models, a DPFS as well. The core elements of this anti-pollution system have the potential to diminish the vehicle's power and torque, and in severe cases, render it inoperable.

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Our Solutions for AdBlue in FPT & Claas Machinery:

The AdBlue system in Claas machines featuring FPT engines is overseen by an engine ECU. Typically, this is a Bosch ECU with a part number beginning with 0 281. This ECU plays a significant role in managing instructions and ensuring the proper functioning of the anti-pollution system. In instances of faults within components reliant on this system, it generates alerts and error messages, and in severe cases, may even limit the vehicle's power output.

Which engines are supported by our AdBlue deactivation solution?

All Claas farm machinery equipped with FPT engines

They must be fitted with a Bosch engine ECU of type EDC17CV41 (send us reference 0 281 for verification).

They can also be fitted with an EDC7UC31 ECU.

Machines must meet Tier 4 emission standards.


Tier V / Stage V Claas agricultural machines equipped with FPT Cursor engines are partly feasible.

These are motors managed by Bosch engine ECUs, but of the MD1CE101 type.

Machines meet Tier V / Stage V standards

Some hardware versions may not yet be supported (versions too recent).

AdBlue Issues with Claas and FPT Engines: Our Tailored Solutions

Through customized programming of the engine ECU on Claas machines featuring FPT engines, we have the capability to adjust management information for the emission control system. This includes the removal of AdBlue management, including injection. Additionally, the engine ECU encompasses various operational modes of the vehicle, including degraded modes that limit power and torque. It also stores a list of Pcodes, which are displayed on the dashboard to identify faulty components during diagnostics.

Key Features and Functions of our Virtualization Solution for AdBlue Issues in Claas FPT Machinery:
  • No need for AdBlue injection
  • Defects permanently erased
  • No need to restrict power and torque
  • Elimination of Limp Mode (creep mode) with maximum speed limitation.
  • For vehicles equipped with DPFS, the system and regenerations are no longer required.

The Bosch EDC17CV41 ECU: Resolving Faults and Enhancing Engine Performance

Engine ECU, Adblue and Power

As we've discussed, the engine ECU holds a comprehensive set of parameters for overseeing the anti-pollution system, various operational modes, error codes, and more. Additionally, it stores all fuel injection parameters for the vehicle, including ignition advance, injection pressure, injection time, turbo pressure, and more. This data can be optimized to not only address faults but also to boost the vehicle's torque and fundamental power.