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Problem with John Deere Agriculture and Forestry Equipment

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Despite the high-quality design of vehicles, issues can arise when the exhaust after-treatment system experiences malfunctions. In this article, we focus on the renowned John Deere brand. Occasionally, the engines in these vehicles may experience malfunctions, leading to power and torque restrictions or even complete shutdown. Our solutions are applicable to all models available in the market.

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Supported Engine Types and ECUs for AdBlue SCR Deactivation on John Deere Vehicles

AdBlue SCR deactivation is available for supported John Deere vehicles compliant with EPA Tier 4A to Tier 4F standards. These vehicles are equipped with Phoenix L21 or L33 engine ECUs. Many models manufactured from 2014 onwards are supported. Additionally, certain models fitted with Bosch EDC17 ECUs, such as sprayers, are also compatible with this deactivation solution.

Adblue John Deere Agriculture: Supported models

  • John Deere PowerTech™ PSS Final Tier 4 (FT4)
  • Cotton harvesters: 7760 Tier 4 & CP690
  • Forage harvesters: 7280 – 7380 – 7480 – 7580 – 7780 – 8100 – 8100i – 8200 – 8300 – 8400 – 8500 – 8600 – W235
  • Harvesters: S540 – S550 – S650 – S660 – S670 – S680 – S685 – S690 – S760 – S770 – S780 – S790 – T550 – T660 – T670 – T770 – W540 – W550 – W650 -W660
  • Sprayers: 4940 – R4023 – R4030 – R4040 – R4045
  • Tractors: 2038R – 3046R – 4038R – 4066R – 5055E – 5065E – 5075E/M – 5075G – 5080G – 5085M – 5090G/GN/GF/M/R – 5100M/R – 5115M – 5125R
  • Tractors: Serie 6 M R RC – Serie 7R – Serie 8 R RT – Serie 9 R RT – with Adblue
  • Sugar harvester: CH570
  • Tractor Mower: Z997R
  • All Tier 3B and Tier 4 machines with adblue

Adblue John Deere Forestier: Supported models

  • John Deere PowerTech™ PSS Final Tier 4 (FT4)
  • Feller Buncher: 834L – 953MH
  • Carrier: 1110E/G – 1210E – 1510E
  • Harvesters: 1270E – 1270G – 1470G
  • Skidders: 648L – 848L – 948L
  • All Tier 3B and Tier 4 machines with adblue

AdBlue removal process on John Deere

Reading and interpreting engine ECU faults. Once we’ve identified the various codes that are restricting the vehicle, we adjust the throttle aftertreatment program and set various variables to counteract the problem. We intervene at the heart of the engine management ECU, either Phoenix L14 L21 L33 or Bosch EDC17.

Which variables are emulated by program modification?

  • No need for AdBlue injection
  • AdBlue level correction and emulation
  • Defects permanently erased
  • AdBlue quality emulation
  • Nox sensor emulation
  • Removal of torque and power limits
  • Abolition of the maximum speed limit
  • Complete solution for AdBlue system virtualization on John Deere machines

The Bosch EDC17CV41 ECU: Eliminating faults and increasing engine power

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Engine Control Unit, AdBlue, and Power Increase:

By reading and writing data, we gain access to the core of the engine ECU, specifically the Flash memory. Within this memory lie a multitude of engine operating and throttle parameters. Our skilled team of engineers can leverage this access to program engine data, thereby enhancing torque and power across all John Deere vehicles produced from 2000 to the present day.

Case emission errors

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Most of the faults encountered concern the Adblue system

The majority of encountered faults revolve around the Adblue system. By directly intervening in the engine ECU, we can eliminate all engine faults that impede the normal operation of your John Deere vehicle.