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Inhibition Adblue EGR FAP Albach Diamant 2000

The latest Diamant 2000 models, complying with Tier V standards, are equipped with MAN engines. The heart of the engine is the MAN D4276 LE122, boasting 790 horsepower. With the assistance of its turbocharger, it delivers an impressive torque of 3400Nm. This MAN engine inherits its design from the D3876, a widely used model in trucks, on which we have extensive experience. While the core elements remain unchanged, minor adjustments have been made, including modifications to the cubic capacity and turbo. The engine management system, controlled by either a Bosch EDC17 or MD1CE100 ECU, is familiar territory for us, and we're equipped to provide troubleshooting solutions for Adblue, EGR, and FAP issues specific to the Albach Diamant 2000.

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Troubleshooting Albach Diamant 2000 EGR FAP Adblue and Turbo Problem

The Albach Diamant 2000 MAN engines may encounter issues primarily related to the anti-pollution system, including the EGR valve, particulate filter, Adblue system, and turbocharger. Turbo problems are especially common due to the high power output requirement of the MAN D4276 block, delivering 790hp and maintaining a torque of 3400Nm within a narrow range of 250 revolutions per minute, spanning from 1350 to 1600rpm. The turbo experiences significant pressure load, exacerbated by the Tier V emission control system. Exhaust gas recirculation, combined with DPFS operation, elevates Exhaust Gas Temperatures (EGTs), leading to turbo overheating as it continuously compresses the gases.

  • Engine type: Man D4276
  • ECU type: Bosch EDC17CV42 and MD1CE100
  • Machine model: Albach Diamant 2000
  • It also reduces the risk of breakage of the fixed-geometry turbocharger installed on the vehicle as a result of reduced exhaust gas temperature, thus preventing the turbocharger from overheating.

What does our solution do?

  • Elimination of EGR operation
  • Elimination of FAP/DOC operation
  • Elimination of AdBlue system operation
  • Creep mode disabled
  • No more torque or speed limits in the event of a problem with the emission control system
  • It may be possible to increase power (but only if the anti-pollution device is removed), otherwise further turbo pressure increases the turbo’s fragility.

What's the solution?

Our solution involves comprehensive reprogramming of the engine ECU, including emulation of emission control parameters. This doesn’t entail simply deleting fault codes or bypassing torque limits; instead, it ensures that the values remain intact for proper interpretation by the engine management ECU. This procedure typically requires immobilizing the vehicle for approximately half a day and conducting the work in a dry area with access to electricity. Alternatively, if distance is an issue, you can send us your vehicle’s engine management ECU directly (refer to the provided photos).

In addition to Albach, other manufacturers such as Fendt and Claas from AGCO, as well as Austrian manufacturer Kahlbacher, have also adopted the MAN D4276 engine for their agricultural machinery, including airport snowblowers. We offer our services for these vehicles and machines as well.

For those still utilizing older Albach Diamant 2000 machines equipped with Volvo Penta engines, we provide solutions to troubleshoot the anti-pollution system and mitigate torque restrictions that would otherwise hinder machine performance.”