Solutions to AdBlue problems in Scania Euro 6 vehicles.

Our solutions cover AdBlue problems in Scania Euro 6 vehicles across various series, including S series, P series, R series, G series, and L series.

Basic operation and problem parts

Agro tuning pro

Incidents with the AdBlue system can occur on Scania vehicles, including pump failure, injector issues, catalytic converter problems, NOx sensor malfunctions, clogged particulate filters, regeneration failures, and more. We offer 100% effective solutions to address these issues, regardless of the year of your truck. Our solutions eliminate dashboard errors and speed limits of 20 or 40 km/h. We do not add additional boxes to these vehicles; instead, we utilize solutions using the manufacturer's software. We are capable of performing all types of interventions on the vehicle, from simple diagnostics to the most complex configurations of electronic modules.

Supported Euro 6 engine systems and models for AdBlue and DPF issues on Scania vehicles include:

  • Scania R/S series: 16L – 530 – 590 – 660 – 770
  • Scania S series: 13L – S370 S410 S450 S500 S540
  • Scania S-series: 16L – S520 S580 S650 S730
  • Scania R-series: 9L – R280 R320 R360
  • Scania R-series: 13L – R370 R410 R450 R500 R540
  • Scania R-series: 16L – R520 R580 R650 R730
  • Scania G series: 9L – G280 G320 G360
  • Scania G series: 13L – G370 G410 G450 G500 G540
  • Scania P-series: 7L – P220 P250 P280
  • Scania P-series: 9L – P280 P320 P360
  • Scania P-series: 13L – P370 P410 P450 P500
  • Scania L-series: 9L – L280 L320 L360

The EMS intervention method involves using internal software to address issues directly within the Engine Management System (EMS).

We possess the latest software for truck diagnostics, especially tailored for Scania trucks. We have access to Concession software in developer mode, granting us higher authorizations than those typically available at a Scania garage. We utilize SOPS files to save the complete vehicle configuration. Additionally, we can read faults present in the vehicle with their manufacturer's identification code. With another type of software, we can directly extract data from the engine program, allowing us to obtain a comprehensive map and pinpoint fault addresses. In simpler terms, we have the capability to access all of the vehicle's control units and individually code parameters as needed.

Here's an example of how we read the defects present on one of our creations, conducted on a truck destined for export:

Reduced torque, motor fault

We have all the solutions to counter defects on your Scania Euro 6