Manitou AdBlue removal

All engines supported. FAP solutions, EGR valve, AdBlue system, Limp Mode, Faultless dashboard

Manitou AdBlue Removal - A Definitive Solution to the AdBlue Problem

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Manitou products, renowned as one of the primary international market leaders in the field of handling, occasionally face faults that severely impede site operations. With increasingly stringent anti-pollution standards, equipment and its sensors have become more sensitive. This can result in vehicles entering a degraded mode, rendering them unusable. Explore our solutions to address these issues, particularly those stemming from AdBlue-related problems.

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Managing the AdBlue Problem on Manitou Machines Compliant with Tier 4 and Tier 5 Standards

The newest Manitou machines are outfitted with an exhaust gas after-treatment system to meet the stringent Tier 4F and Tier 5 standards. This system typically includes an AdBlue, FAP, and EGR system, depending on the engine specifications. Our Manitou AdBlue Removal service is designed to intervene and address issues with these systems across a variety of engine makes used in Manitou machines.

Which Manitou products are supported for AdBlue removal?

  • Tier 4F / Stage 5 engines supported
  • Kubota engines
  • Deutz engines
  • John Deere engines
  • Mercedes engines
  • Cummins engines
  • Yanmar engines
  • Perkins engines with FPT System
  • The majority of Bosch engine ECUs are supported. For other brands of ECUs, please contact us with references in advance.
  • Manitou models MT MHT MLT MRT MLA M.

Manitou AdBlue suppression reprogramming features

  • Complete SCR DPF EGR system can be deactivated
  • Reverse soot level emulation for FAP systems. The counter returns to zero over time.
  • Exit from Limp Mode or power restriction mode, depending on the motor
  • No dashboard warning lights
  • The vehicle regains full power and can no longer enter restriction mode.
  • Possibility (depending on engine) of disconnecting NOx sensors, SCR injector, AdBlue DEF pump.

Our solution for managing and emulating post-gas treatment data

Our solution for managing and emulating post-gas treatment data is comprehensive and efficient. Utilizing cutting-edge tools, we can access virtually all modules present on the vehicle to identify any faults. Once we determine the type of engine ECU installed, we proceed to read its system memory. Our process involves directly modifying the coding of the ECU’s internal parameters to inhibit various functions, permanently remove fault codes, and more. Additionally, we reset levels and adapt sensors or vehicle components as needed, such as FAP/EGR systems.

Following the operation, we conduct a post-reprogramming check to ensure no faults remain visible or memorized on the case and dashboard. We also verify that the vehicle’s power is fully restored and available. Typically, Manitou AdBlue removal procedures take between 2 to 4 hours, depending on the specific model.

The Phoenix L14/15/33 computer

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Engine ECU, Adblue and Power

The Engine ECU plays a pivotal role in managing various aspects of vehicle performance and emissions control. It facilitates the transmission of fault code feedback through the vehicle's CAN network, often communicated by the DCU (external control unit for post-processing). Moreover, the Engine ECU houses crucial engine operating parameters, including injection times, turbo pressure relative to rpm, air flow rates, and more. Through the adjustment of these parameters within MAPS (mappings), we can optimize vehicle performance in several ways. This optimization extends to reducing fuel consumption, enhancing engine torque and power output, and ensuring overall efficiency in operation.