Adblue solutions for tractors, harvester.

Problem Fendt : Tractor Harvester Forage Harvester and others

Agro tuning pro

All Fendt Agriculture vehicles are compatible with AdBlue troubleshooting, provided their engine management system features a Bosch EDC17. AdBlue SCR faults in Fendt vehicles can be permanently removed from the system memory.

Agro tuning pro FENDT

Supported Engine Types and ECUs

Fendt supports various engine types in its vehicles. Primarily, many Fendt vehicles are equipped with Deutz and Agco Power SISU Tier 4F engines, which utilize EDC17CV52, EDC17CV54, and EDC17CV56 engine management units, as well as EDC17CV41. Additionally, Fendt vehicles featuring MAN engines are controlled by a Bosch EDC17CV42 engine management unit, which can also be programmed to virtualize the AdBlue system.

Adblue Fendt Agriculture: Supported models

  • Fendt Agriculture: All farm machinery equipped with Bosch EDC17 engine management system
  • 1000 Vario series Man EDC17CV42 engine
  • 200 Series Vario 3.3L EDC17CV54
  • Series 300 Vario 4.1L & 4.4L EDC17CV41 & EDC17CV56
  • 500 Series Vario 4.0L EDC17CV56
  • Series 700 Vario 6.0L EDC17CV52 & EDC17CV56
  • 800 Series Vario 6.0L EDC17CV52
  • 900 Series Vario 7.8L EDC17CV52
  • 900 Vario series 9.0L MAN EDC17CV42 engine
  • 900 Vario Series 9.8L EDC17CV41 Agco Power 7 Cylinders
  • 5275 7.4L harvester EDC17CV41 & EDC17CV54
  • Harvester 6335 8.4L EDC17CV41
  • KATANA 65 forage harvester – HDEP MCM2.1 calculator available until 2018-2019

Engine ECUs In Pictures

Fendt AdBlue Removal Process

The majority of data reading and interpretation is conducted through the manufacturer’s diagnostic socket. However, for CV42 ECUs, we utilize the bench method, allowing direct data retrieval from the engine ECU connector. This data acquisition grants us access to the ECU’s memory, facilitating adjustments to all engine management parameters, including pollutant emissions and engine power data.

Variables Emulated by Program Modification:

  • Elimination of AdBlue injection requirement
  • Correction and emulation of AdBlue levels
  • Permanent erasure of defects
  • Emulation of AdBlue quality
  • Simulation of NOx sensors
  • Removal of torque and power limitations
  • Abolishment of maximum speed limits
  • Comprehensive solution for AdBlue system virtualization on Fendt machines

Phoenix and Bosch Engine Management ECUs

Agro tuning pro FENDT

Enhancing Power and Virtualizing the AdBlue System

Accessing the flash memory of the engine ECU allows us to adjust various engine management parameters. These encompass exhaust gas treatment, particulate filter regeneration, and factors governing the vehicle's operation and power limitations, including injection times, torque limiters, ignition timing, and more. Through modifications to these parameters, we can achieve an additional 10 to 30% power output, all while adhering to manufacturer standards and tolerances to ensure the vehicle's integrity is preserved.